oasis of well-being
oasis of well-being
oasis of well-being
oasis of well-being
oasis of well-being

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Operators of advanced hotels and resorts working today under strict requirements. However, this can be implemented also very economical.

Speaking of future markets in the wellness branch mainly "medical wellness" are mentioned - ultimately a "rebranding" of the cure, the "Privacy" - is the main idea. Medical and therapeutic services in hotel rooms and suites - but provided at appropriate spatial requirements of a luxury resort in appropriate designated facilities. Guests stay at the request completely undisturbed. Approximately 43% were able to increase sales and create new jobs. The occupancy rate increases continuously and the average price will be raised uniformly. These health-oriented holiday shape according to a survey of the BAT Leisure Research Institute in the future continue to increase.

The already exist operator will have a modern designed resort complex to meet the requirements for disposal. It is led by a team of experts, whose management of experienced and seasoned hoteliers and entrepreneurs with business skills is qualified. The operating company „Sol-Resort Costa Mediterráneo S.L.“ is being established.

For the operation of the beauty clinic we are looking for a separate operator. Currently we talk with high professional interested operators.

Organisationand Management:

Structure of the Resort - Organisation:

The project is coordinated by First Advertising S.L. when construction is ready to pass on the ownership society.
The operator SOL-Resort Costa Mediterráneo S.L. coordinates the entire process with each
 area and ensure the optimal outcome.  

There is a sufficient supply of highly qualified staff (cleaning, service, kitchen), so that can not develop staffing shortage. For the spa / medical spa - area qualified professionals with appropriate conditions for establishing and maintaining a smooth operation, including the necessary medical care can be ensured. The clinic is operated by a major operator in outsourcing.


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